About Us

AAIC is managed by experienced consultants who have dedicated their lives to agricultural and rural statistics. They have both the education and the experience to support statistical institutions in different countries around the world. In fact, our consultants have worked in over one hundred countries including countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and Central and South America. The main consultants have either worked at the US Department of Agriculture, National Agriculture Statistics Service (USDA/NASS) or been trained There at the NASS.

Currently the USDA/NASS has moved on to technology that works better for corporate farms since 95 % of the agriculture is produced by corporate farms. The lists of corporate farms doesn’t work well in developing countries because of the number of small subsistence farmers that change ownership rapidly versus the corporate farms that stay in business for long periods of time.

Multiple frame (MF) design is simple in concept but difficult to implement. What we mean by MF design is two-frame design. One frame is an area frame based on satellite or aerial imagery that is complete for all members of the target population. Added to this complete area frame is a list of farms that are too important to leave out of the survey process. These large important farms are already in the area frame so implementing MF design properly means the farms on the list must be not be estimated for twice, one time from the area frame and one time from the list fame. There are proper ways to accomplish this task.