Welcome to AAIC.net!

We specialize in agricultural statistics, area frame and multiple frame sampling, statistical survey design for agriculture and natural resource data. The types of data that AAIC can support professional statistical institutions collecting are agricultural, rural poverty, integrated rural development, and natural resources and the environment.


Look through our website to find out more information or contact us at wwigton@aaic.net. William Wigton is the owner and CEO. He started this company in 1983, 35 years ago. 


AAIC Mission Statement

Agricultural Assessments International Corporation (AAIC) strengthens institutions that request support in statistical designs for agricultural and environmental information systems using appropriate advanced technology. Appropriateness depends on the variables to be estimated and the capability of the staff who will implement the design.

Small farm data and large farm data have different methodologies and require different designs using area frames for small farms that are too many to list and list frames for farms that are too large to be left out of the survey process. Variables include crops, vegetables grown in association, livestock, farm production expenditure data and other social-economic data for both small farms and large commercial farms. 

All of our designs aim to reduce the non-sampling errors that are associated with all surveys and especially associated with agricultural and rural surveys. We collect data using the tablets and summarize data quickly and accurately so that data are available in a timely manner and that has credibility when published because they are based on scientific probability methods.